Walking the Sea

Walking the Sea: March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conflicting Dates

I write- a conflicted woman. As I drove downtown this morning, I realized I had double booked myself. You know those times, when it just doesn't cross your mind that you have been planning events for the same weekend and then it dawns on you and there is NO WAY you can do them all? And it affects more than just you? Yeah. It dawned on me that the weekend George Fox Seminary has their reunion on Saturday and our tap recital is Sunday is the SAME weekend my sister graduates with her degree in Milwaukee which I had been planning to fly out for. It is one of those moments the cold trickle goes down my neck and I wish I could either wake up from this nightmare or be in two places at once.

Tonight at tap we worked though the dances and I had fun! I actually enjoyed it and felt more competent than I have in a long time. And I actually think if I work hard, I would be happy to keep at it and perform in the recital. Having some projects done, house sitting done, and time to work on what really needs to get done, has been so helpful in opening up space in my life for tap. This also may be the last recital I'm in and I treasure that. I have also been really looking forward to the reunion at George Fox Seminary that Saturday. On the other hand, I only see my sister once or twice a year and she never walked for her undergrad degree. It's all important to me and I am going to be upset no matter what I do. This sucks.

By the way, does anyone who lives near Portland or Salem have a de-humidifyer around? I need one for our Quaker Youth Book Project meeting. Thanks!

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Monday, March 30, 2009


Tonight as I type I have a orchestration song from Titanic going in the background. Years ago I used it as the music to a power point for my Images of God class so it carries with it the emotional weight I put into that project. It's very soothing.

I talked with Stacey this afternoon about my future in tap. For months I have been wrestling with the decision to continue or not. I attended the easier class today after spending all morning either loading her website pictures or reading submissions for the Quaker Youth Book Project. Looking at those photos and videos made me remember how much I have loved dancing with On Tap. But I'm tired, my attention has shifted, and change is in the air. I told Stacey I was going to stop with the Irish dancing and would continue with tap up to the recital and commit to two dances. After that, I was taking a break. Being Stacey, and being me, she talked me into adding the shim-shams, and to continue on with the soft-shoe pieces with the Irish up until the recital. In her defense, there was no arm twisting, but a finger may have been involved. I also told her I would dance in the art fair and World Beat shows. But I do feel better after having talked with her about it. She is one of the last people I would ever want to hurt or disappoint. No matter what happens after that, for either of us, we will always be good friends and still maintain that friendship. Out of these four years of dancing with On Tap, that is by far, the greatest gift I'm coming away with. Still, I didn't expect it to hurt this much.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

There's No Place Like Home!

Tonight as Katie said goodnight by her bedroom door, I happened to walk down the hall to my room. She immediately burst into peals of laughter and I just looked at her and said, "I was just going to room, I swear!" After a few seconds of wonderment, I realized the reason for her great amusement a half-second before she said it- for perched on my head was a Dr. Seuss hat given to me by the man who played Horton at last night's cast party. I had been wearing it all night but Katie and I had been in different parts of the house so she hadn't seen it yet.

Earlier this evening I was feeling very restless. Finally home, I wasn't sure what to do with myself and was bored though plenty of projects were on hand. At last, I carried my laptop into my room and uploaded photos from Seussical and to Stacey's website while I tidied up and listened to my ipod. It was just what I needed. I love my bedroom, it's always a sanctuary for me, but I haven't spent much time at all inside of it as of late. I can tell you right now, that will be changing. And that sir, is that!

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Photos from Georgia

Ice Cream in downtown Savannah with Friends
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Forsyth Fountain

Mercer House

Forsyth Fountain
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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last night I had the great pleasure of taking part in the closing of my favorite show I've seen at the Pentacle Theatre. With all the time I have spent with the cast and fellow crew, I felt like I was watching a bunch of friends perform and indeed I was. There are no words to describe the talent and magic on that stage and I enjoyed every minute I spent amongst them these last months. Thank you all of you for welcoming me into the group and for making me a part of the show. It was an honor I will always cherish.

With Love,
Your "Personal Paparazzi"

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In Memory of Lucy

In Memory of Lucy
In all the time I have house sat for others, I have never known about one of them dying. However, yesterday morning, Sue had to put Lucy to sleep. Lucy couldn't get up anymore, her back legs had finally given out completely.
Lucy was a yellow lab, thirteen and a half years old. In Iowa, she loved running in the fields, going camping, and playing fetch with Sue. After moving out to Oregon with her person, she liked chasing her stuffed squirrels around the house, tossing her green balls back and forth, and going out for walks around the block. Lucy had a very sweet spirit and will be greatly missed.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

At the End of the Road

I need a few minutes this afternoon to open up and write about the things tumbling inside me, to vent the steam swirling around. It seems I haven't been able to fully focus on much of anything lately. (With the exception of spending time with the Seussical cast.) My dancing is a great illustration of this. For several weeks now, my balance has been terrible, I can't seem to absorb the steps, and yesterday I just had to stop mid-way through class because my knee was hurting. Among all the other things I need to do, obtaining a knee injury is not one of them. I just had to stop and sit down. It's like I've been driving so far and for so long in my car, all the while ignoring that empty gas tank light, that it's now running on fumes and I just can't go any further without burning the engine. I need to just stop, look around me, and decide to pull things back in. I'm going to have a crying fit if I don't.

My new/future roommate, Alli, met up with me at the Beanery Coffee Shop while I loaded pictures onto the internet for the theatre. I felt distracted the whole time and I didn't like that. Then I talked with my friend and project coordinator for our editorial board and I was dealing with so much at the same time, that I was stressed about the low battery on the phone and the seeming infestation of bugs by the window. (Thank you Windex.) I don't feel good about that either. And I also don't feel good about the way dance has been going. I feel like I'm trying to shove a large item into a small space that just can't take it.

So next week, I'm clearing my evenings, (except Monday for theatre head shots), and keeping some time for myself to be HOME!!! No one gets a piece of me. No one gets to say, "Sarah, will you please?" I am going to devote myself to being home, working on the Youth Book Project, and finding my paperwork for taxes. AND, I am going to write in my new journal. So here is your warning, if you want me to do something, DON'T CALL ME! Give me time to go around and pick up the pieces of myself lying around and sew them back together.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodbye Bob

Tonight came the love child of Mrs. Mayor and the Grinch. Picture the Grinch with pink pig tails and yellow feathers. Yeah. You would think that Kyle suckling the child would have induced me to lose it but it was actually the Grinch in his Christmas costume with the baby. I laughed so much which taking the picture I was afraid it would be out of focus. Under normal circumstances, I don't think I will be spending this much time with every cast but I have so enjoyed being with this cast, that I keep coming back for more. They are some of the nicest and funniest people you will ever want to meet. I'm thinking of changing my banner to something Seussical- probably in the next day or two.

On a completely unrelated note, a week or two ago I noticed the print shop where I went to get copies for the Quaker Youth Book Project was empty, the windows looked forlorn and wistful. Today I stopped in at the bakery next door to ask what happened. The girl told me that Bob, the owner of the print shop, had died of a heart attack and his son held an auction to sell the machinery. I was very sad to hear this as Bob Beal was always very kind toward me. When you walked into his shop, you always felt like you had just walked back in time forty years. The front room smelled of smoke with a layer of dust on the stuffed bird and model car sitting beside the old cash register. Not only did Bob print 100 copies for me for $3, he did it on credit. If I didn't have cash with me for my whole order, he would give me the papers anyway and let me stop by in the next day or two to pay for it. How often in this day does that happen? He was old school and I liked old school. He lived above the store and always had a smile. I don't know much more about him than that, I rather wish I did. He deserves that. But from what little I do know, he gave me a gift I will always carry with me. I can't even name it, but it is something I didn't have before, something new and something redeemed. He was light. In his own old school, gentle, and quiet way, he was light. I am blessed beyond words that light shone on me. Thank you Bob. Say hi to God for me, tell him it's time to warm up the weather, not to mention the economy, and I trust you are in good hands. I miss you.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jason the Thinker

This afternoon I went out for ice cream with a five year old named Jason who reminded me very much of Jojo the Thinker in Seussical. Jason is VERY creative, imaginative and friendly. A real sweetheart. And in the words of his Aunt Ali, "He is such a boy!" Jojo thinks up incredible thinks such as a leaky old tub being McElliot's pool and a planet of Whos invisible to the eye. I can see Jason coming up with similar things. I hope he keeps his imagination and confidence in his dreams as he grows older. He is a great kid.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hiding Away

I walked in tonight to our apartment and Katie shouted, "You're alive!" I've been house sitting for Sue and we have hardly seen each other for nearly a week. I feel like I have been juggling several brightly colored balls lately and I can barely keep up with them. The QUIP project is looming over my head and I feel overwhelmed by it. In that same time, I need to get my taxes done and turned in. And all of this is hard when I'm not even home but living out of a suitcase at one house or another. The extra money to pay bills is nice but it gets tiring. I now have a home of my own and house sitting is no longer the escape it once was. I feel like hiding away somewhere like in the hotel I saw today and not telling anyone where I am. No phone, no Internet, no demands on my time, just me and a fresh writing tablet. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I will go to sleep tonight dreaming of that couch and the view.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Picture of Simplicity

I just got back from having desert at the house of one of my fellow cast members from "Death of a Salesman". He and his family invited one of the other cast members and I out for the night and we had a fantastic time. It was really nice to spend time with them again and to talk about everything under the sun.

What really struck me tonight was their house. It's so simple and classic. They sold a lot of their stuff last year when they moved up from California and have kept their house very simple since. I asked Tish how it felt to get rid most of their stuff and she said, "Wonderful!" The art side of me loves having lots of books, some pictures, and those little special things around me. But there is another voice right next to the first one that loved the lack of clutter, the clean look of the rooms, the beauty of clarity physically expressed.

Being there, I felt so at peace. So calm. When you don't have all that stuff to look at and think about, it's amazing how clean it all feels, much less encumbered, much lighter. I think I could learn to like that. Last week I finished reading "Plain and Simple", a story about a woman who lives with the Amish for a time. She learned a similar truth. When she got back she redid her kitchen to be very simple and clean. I really liked that and it was nice to see tonight how it could be done and still feel warm and welcoming. If I can make the time, I would like to go through some of my things again to see if there are other things I would like to clean out. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

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A Night at Friend World Committe for Consultation

Reading my friend's blog tonight, I was reminded I'm a few blog posts behind. It is one of the things I am hoping to complete this week when school is not in session.

The Seussical photos are now complete for the cast to peruse and download as they wish. I'm excited to hear what they think of them. Joseph has already been using one of him and The Cat as his profile picture on facebook. I am delighted he enjoys it. (Joseph plays Jojo the Thinker.) So in honor of the cast who have endeared themselves to me, here is the photo. I will be posting more later.
Tonight at FWCC was awesome and so much fun. We sold dozens of books of our Faith and Practice. Inside I was jumping up and down to see such a process of writing, approval, and layout come to fruition. After the main meeting, my friend Ashley commented how the members of Freedom Friends looked a bit different than most others there. Then she looked at me and thoughtfully provoking stated, "I think it's Sarah's hair." My hair is a mix of blond, red, and chocolate brown spikes. It is quite unquakerly, a fact I don't really care about as I am unquakerly anyway. But I thought Ashley's comment quite funny. For one reason or another, everyone in that group tonight who came from our church needed it for one reason or another. Peggy spoke about our church and I particularly loved it when she said when we feel like we are being led to step out of the center of God's hand, he puts his other hand out and catches us again. And God has lots of hands. I also liked how she said we are a fresh expression of Quakerism. Not to put any other expression down, though. We are a new instrument in the orchestra. Beautifully put.
I'm going to bed now. I have a full day tomorrow though I may sneak upstairs to the sound booth again. We'll see. Here's to late nights!
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Part of the Team

Tonight I drove over to the theatre and arriving near the beginning of Act 2, crept up the side staircase to the sound booth. I could hear The Cat in the Hat on the other side of the wooden wall beginning his auction scene which is, in every sense, a sell-out performance. The woman running the sound took one look at me and said, "Hey girl! A seat's over there." I grabbed the extra seat and enjoyed the rest of the show before going downstairs to take a picture of two of the actors I wanted. It felt so good to be a part of the team.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Late Night

This is going to be a pretty short post. The theatre lent me a laptop as mine still has power chord issues. This one I can bring to where I'm house sitting and work on the photos. It's now quite late and I should be getting to bed.

This afternoon I met Peggy downtown to pick up the published "Faith and Practice". It will be interesting to see how long it takes to sell the 100 copies we printed. It felt good to hold it in my hand and see five years of work come together from start to finish.

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Dressing Room Fun

Last night instead of blogging, I was in the Seussical dressing room taking pictures of the cast getting ready and hanging out. As you can imagine, it was so much fun! Imagine 36 theatrical characters in one room putting on incredibally colorful costumes and makeup, not to mention all the feathers, with one photographer they have become quite comfortable with. This cast loves being silly, funny, and caring. Looking through the photos, I was struck by how much all the cast members help each other get ready for the show. Several of them would come up and stand in front of me posing and waiting for me to go "click!". They are a delightful bunch both onstage and off. I even got a few souvenier shots of my own with a few of the characters and me on the set. Fun, Fun!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seussical Picture

I need to get to where I'm housesitting, there will be a longer post tomorrow. So, for tonight, here is a Seussical teaser. :)

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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Restful Place

The "Faith and Practice: Freedom Friends Church" now has our final seal of approval. Peggy, Alivia, and I met downtown at the print shop during my lunch break choosing the color for the title on the cover and looking through the book. Peggy and I told our meeting yesterday if they find any errors, not to tell us for a few weeks. Let us enjoy a job well done and let us think we did it well before we have to come face to face once again with our own imperfections. The book will be ready by Thursday. I am thinking a beer or cold glass of red wine is in order.

Meanwhile, throughout all this editing, photography, and such, I long to write poetry again. I am a dehydrated woman plodding in the desert looking for that long await oasis of words. I have a "Poetry as Spiritual Practice" book checked out of the library at the moment and am reading through it. The exercises start tomorrow.

But first, now that the Faith and Practice is done, I need to turn my attention to the Quaker Youth Book Project and ALL that entails (which is A LOT), doing my taxes, and working on another set of submissions for a book being published here in the West. Oh yeah, and there is that job thing too.

Wednesday I am driving out to Mount Angel Abby, giving Sr. Antoinette a hug, and settling into her rocking chair for a blissful hour to enjoy her company. I love my time out at the Abby. I met Sr. Antoinette when my own spiritual director needed to size down her practice for a time. Sr. Antoinette had been her director and she recommended I go see her. Even after my director opened her practice back up, I continued to see Sr. Antoinette just "to say hi". My director doesn't see directees anymore, so these visits with my other spiritual mentors have become even more precious to me. She is a delightful woman with so much wisdom and we get along very well. I should take her some pictures from the cathedral in Savannah. I bet she would enjoy seeing them. A restful place in the midst of this business is exactly what I need right now.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Standing on My Soapbox in Savannah

This afternoon I had a conversation with a friend about theology and Jesus. It was one of those talks that helps you cement who you are and yet makes you think about your expressed thoughts. Let me share some of my thoughts with you through some of my pictures from Savannah. I consider myself a Christian, but a fringe Christian. I like being on the edges and am perfectly comfortable there. Ever since my studies at seminary, I can't categorize myself into any denomination. I've seen too much I appreciate in various and seemingly conflicting traditions, too much history to think one group is right about God. My hand is permanently bonded into God's, that can never be shaken. Any other theology to me is superfluous. I like studying it, but I don't like splitting theology hairs. God is so HUGE, so beyond our understanding, it's almost a joke to try to define God and how he/she works into words. I just want to be with God, to explore my spirituality, my journey, and to talk with other people about theirs. In the span of history, the western Christian perspective is such a tiny slice of the pie, I just don't believe we have all theology right. I have a deep inner peace with many faith traditions. Yes, they contradict each other sometimes, but we actually agree on quite a lot and there is truth in the contradictions.

For example, this is the First African Baptist Church in Savannah. The slaves sold the money they had been saving to buy their freedom to buy the property for the church instead. Then, as the women made the bricks, walked the uphill road from the river with the bricks in their aprons to give to the men, they then tended the bonfires the men worked by as the masters would only let the slaves build on their own time late into the night. I saw the patterns in the floor that were air holes for runaway slaves. The church transported people on the underground railroad. It was a complete change of perspective for me. No longer was history something I saw on a page, but it was all around me, it roared into life and left me shaking and deeply moved.

That morning I had also seen the 3rd oldest Jewish Temple in America. The Jews got to settle in Savannah after a boatload of them arrived at the colony and a doctor on the ship saved the lives of countless people living there who were dying from illness including the city's founder. I have personally heard a Christian man say all Jews are going to hell. Boy, was I mad. This is also why I have a very difficult time believing you have to follow the Jesus salvation prayer to "be saved". Being a Jew myself, I look into the faces of my fellow Jews who passionately love God and have his light pouring out from them. I can't condemn that. Can you? David was a Jew and didn't know Christ. Is he going to hell? How about Abraham, Joseph? What about them? I have a friend I watched dance this afternoon. She's a Jew. After years of knowing her, I am still deeply moved by her beautiful soul. Her kindness, generosity, and love for others, all speaks God is love. She is light, wondrous light. We all are. All Jews, all people. I have learned so much being a part of the Jews, they hold dear so many incredible truths the Christians have left far behind. I feel like holes in my heart and faith have been filled at temple. I so need both.

That afternoon as we walked around Savannah, we visited the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. I read it was extraordinary. I was not disappointed. It was so beautiful. I love cathedrals and love it that people create such a humbling sanctuary for God. It was one of the highlights of my trip. In their holy water pool is an exquisite golden and emerald mosaic of an Irish knot symbolizing eternity. It made me feel so small before such glory pointing to God. I think it is so important to remember how HUGE God is and how small our perspective is.

Why do we have to put one denomination down over another? Do we feel such hateful treatment of our brothers and sisters is going to help us? Do we honestly think proclaiming our theology correct and other's theology completely wrong is going to help people come closer to God? I think each group just wants to feel right and to do that they have to proclaim others wrong. I have been to many denominations and they all do this. Why can't we appreciate each other's differences, learn from them, and realize those difference aren't so divisive but could even serve to unite? God is love, God is here, I am sure of this. We each are filled with God. We each hear his voice. I think I will be proclaiming this until the day I die. I'm counting on it.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Holding On

I really should learn to post here in the afternoon instead of shortly before midnight when my thoughts are already turned to going to bed. Life just seems to keep happening every time I turn. It gets so frustrating and the rain and weather is not helping my mood of feeling trapped. I miss the warm sun and tulips in South Carolina and Georgia. I know God doesn't give us anything we can't handle but these last few months I have felt like I am standing on the edge of a steep drop off or walking on very thin ice. God has really been there for me though. I lost my job and now I'm subbing with the school district and getting unemployment. My car stopped working and now I have another. I needed a roommate and I found one I really like. (By the way, about the car, if any of you knows fuses on cars, please leave a comment with your e-mail or number. I'm having issues with the lights, or lack of.)

Sometimes I just want to give up and throw the towel in as they say. I'm reminded here of George Bailey from "It's a Wonderful Life." I know how he feels- it all seems to be coming down at once. But then God gives me that bit of light I need to keep going. Today it came in the form of two women. The first is my new roommate. We have a lot in common and I think we'll get along really well. That is a relief. The second was in the form of my friend, Emily. I stopped by her studio tonight to drop something off and stayed for a while with all the staff, family of staff, and customers relaxing in the front of the shop. I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing that. I couldn't go while the show was going so hadn't just relaxed there for a while. Medicine for the soul I tell you. It's my "Cheers". Everyone knows my name and welcome me there. Today it was the light that helped me step back out the door. I'm holding on.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Laughing at Life

Today I worked at an elementary school library. Library subbing days are always my favorites. Especially in an elementary school, they remind me and help me feel closer to a special friend in my life I don't get to see anymore. She works at a library herself so it is often on these days I miss her most and the advice she would give to me now. She would probably tell me that everything I need is within me, that there is light and opportunity even here, and to keep exploring my world. She gives great advice- even if it's just in my head.

Then tonight I was in Corvallis to watch a tap dancing show. Afterward, we had occasion to go to the Oregon State University campus where I spent nearly four years of my life. At one point, I looked at one of my friends I was with and realized that when I was a student there, I could not have imagined her or what I am doing in my life now. Life is a funny thing, I'm just not laughing too much about it right now. :) Maybe tomorrow.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally Sleeping

God knew exactly what he was doing today. After the dance studio and theatre last night, I forgot to take my phone off of silence thus I didn't hear it for the substituting call this morning. I didn't mind too much though. Yesterday at Irish dancing, you could have laid me on a blanket in a park on a warm, sunny day and I would have been out like a light. I haven't been sleeping much these last two weeks and I was exhausted. A sleep-in morning was MUCH needed. I felt like God was watching over me as I slept, finally finding the rest I needed.

Now, at 11 pm, I'm finally eating dinner. Between the substituting I did end up doing and getting my hair cut, I spent the rest of the day working on finalizing the book for my church's Faith and Practice. It is now sent to the printers to get the galley proofs ready and I am taking the time to eat. (Under threat of my roommate.) I always love getting a book ready to print, it's just that last few days of pressure that make me keep turning my head to thoughts of bed as I type. Taking a break to sit in Melanie's chair with a glass of red wine at Evolve Salon was also just what I've needed these last few days. Lately I've felt like falling to my knees as I decide whether to cry or fall asleep. I love Melanie's work. I always let her do whatever she wants with my hair and I understand I am lucky to be able to walk out the door with it as she would rather keep her art nearby.

Tonight is a full moon, tomorrow is Friday the 13th.... Hmm... I am hoping to catch up on my posts this weekend by telling you about my trip. (With pictures!) There is lots to tell. Have a great night! I'm going to sleep. Really!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Night at the Theatre

There may be too much of a good thing but I haven't found it yet as far as Seussical goes. They are now in full swing, performing most nights and getting better every time. Tonight Randy wanted to have photos taken of the Dr. Seuss hats being sold during intermission so we got to the theatre ahead of time before the performance to show me the Glogal building- props. I've never seen anything like it. Over here you have the giant sparking Rose sign from "Gypsy", over there the helmet from "Lord of Lamancha", the ships from "Pirates of Penzance" and every other theatre relic you could possibly think of. One of my favorites was a skeleton sitting in a chair you would imagine being carried on the shoulders of slaves in the east. There were shelves upon shelves of drinking glasses including the one I used in "Death of a Salesman", coffee pots, wooden bowls, records, radios, telephones from ALL eras, a whole section of a room for chairs, you name it, they have it. It was delightful to walk through. Like seeing ten estate sales from each era all put together at once. The set designer's office, which he doesn't actually use, was the highlight of the tour. Hanging on the walls are photos and photos of past sets and on the shelves lining the small room are models, some of them incredibally detailed, of the sets he's made. Talk about talent.

After our tour we walked down the hill to the theatre where they were turning people away from the sold out show. (They are adding another Sunday matinee') Randy and I went up to the sound booth to get a picture of the audience from above and I asked if I could stay there. The sound and light crew were very kind and made room for me along the table. Though I have already seen the show two and a half times, it has always been from behind the camera lense and you actually miss so much that way. So tonight, I really got to see the show and I was absolutely delighted. The audience LOVED it. I'm looking forward to closing night when I have a seat reserved and I'll get to hear Stacey's reaction to the show. It has been a pleasure to be on the production crew for this show.

When I got to the theatre office, Randy said, "Welcome home." He was teasing a bit but it's so true. With so much of my life changing, going to the theatre and dance studio is very comforting and easy. I love being a part of the "Pentacle Family". Oh yes, and I hear the cast have really enjoyed the posted pictures in the lobby. (Sorry, can't post them on here yet.)

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Moments

I was going to start working on catching up on my blog last night when my roommate told me she needs to live with her parents for a while to save money. So now I am either looking for a place to live or a new roommate. I have tried not to think much about not having her around on a daily basis. Over the two years we have lived together, we have gone from roommates to close friends and I will deeply miss her. It feels like the rug has been pulled from underneath me and I am trying to find my feet.

But at the same time, God has been there with sweet moments lightening the load. For the last few weeks, I have been getting my church's Faith and Practice ready for publication. This afternoon, my pastor came over and we went through the document. It was so nice just to have her there to talk to. Then when I was giving blood, the nurse and I got to talking and she told me about her and her son's search for a nice and affordable home that by God's grace, they now have. Then I got to give Gene, a volunteer, a hard time as I always do. That's fun. After a really nice talk with Emily, tonight at the dance studio, I remembered something I've heard in a movie. No matter what is going on in your life, you can take it to the dance floor, come back to that place, and find yourself there. I am so grateful for the continuance dance has brought me. In the four years I have been studying tap with Stacey, I have been through a great deal and her smiling face has been delighted to see me every time I come. That is a HUGE gift in itself. Never underestimate the power of showing you're happy to see someone.

I obviously got home safely and will be sharing events and pictures of my trip in the coming days as I catch up on my blog.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Here!

I have to make this quick as we're headed out from where we stayed last night but I wanted to let you all know I'm here and safe.  Everything at the airports went smoothly, (Thank you God!) and Savannah is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Seth and walked around a lot last night in Forsyth Park and the Historical downtown area before enjoying Souther Hospitality with some Friends for dinner and ice cream downtown.  (Someone needs to bring the Rum and Raisin flavor to the Northwest).   We then picked up two more attendees from the train and bus station, saw the Pirate House.  (Pretty cool), and came out here to this gorgous area where we stayed the night. Now we're headed out for sight seeing and the conference.  Have a good day!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Signing Out

I'm keeping this short tonight as I need to head to bed. Three am is going to come very quick and very early. You can post-pray I'll wake up and get up on time. That's my one concern. So many others wish me a safe and fun trip. I would like that too, but I really just want to wake up on time. I hope you all have a good weekend. I don't know if I'll have computer access or not, I would rather enjoy the conference than blog about it anyway. But I will certainly fill you in when I get back. So for now, this is me, signing out.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seussical Night 3

Creative title, I know, but my head is filled with Seussical this and Seussical that. Just think a think of what it would be if I was in this show, me! I would probably be talking in rhyme and dancing my way around the room with incredible facial expressions. Tonight I clapped and cheered as I looked through some of the photos, I have some fantastic shots. Not that I wasn't clapping and cheering during the show too. (When appropriate.) I tell you, the more I see this show the more I love it. Tonight we did the large group shot as well. It was fun to see them all together and the pictures are beautiful if I do say so myself. You really ought to go see this show, it's amazing.

Other than working with all these photos for Seussical, my days have been filled with getting things taken care of before I leave on Thursday. It's called working through the to-do list. Tomorrow is going to be a very full day.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Seussical Night 2

I am up this late because I was taking photos of Seussical for a second night. Tonight I learned I get a comp ticket! I'll get to see the show without the camera and I'm excited for that because it is such an awesome show! I am quickly developing a deep respect for many of the actors, some in particular. I kept a few of the actors afterwards to do some individual shots. The actors playing Joe-Joe and the Cat in the Hat are some of the best models I have ever seen- fun, creative, and expressive. I tell you, it is no chore to see this show again and again. I'm looking forward to it every time I go to the theatre. There was a parent watching the rehearsal who laughed a lot especially during one song. It made me wonder how the audiences will react emotionally to this show. There is a lot of power in this one. When I go see the show, I'll let you know.

The theatre is keeping all the photos I'm taking for this show under wraps. It's kind of fun to take secret photographs, or at least secret for a few more days. Tomorrow is the big group shot and picking up whatever I haven't been able to get yet. I'm looking forward to seeing what turned out well from tonight's rehearsal but I need to go to bed. It's going to be a very early morning. Yay for Seussical!

I'll leave you with my favorite quote from the show: "A persons' a person, no matter how small!"

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seussical! the Musical

Tonight I ate my words and thoughts. I will admit, I wasn't thrilled about Seussical the Musical coming to the Pentacle Theatre. I really liked the kids in it, but wasn't so sure about the show itself. I first heard them singing on the 1 day overlap we had with them in the rehearsal halls. Then I took their head shots, and later, saw a rehearsal. But tonight I went to take the production shots. It's the photos of the actual show the whole way through with costumes and set. So let me now publicly say this is a great show. Even though I was behind the camera most of the time, I really enjoyed it. There was dancing and music, singing and good acting. And oh, the kids are cute. It even has great lessons to teach. I would have choked up a few times if I hadn't been concentrating on taking pictures. And most of it is in rhyme so you know that made me happy. I would love to publish some of the photos I took onto here but the director wants to keep all the photos away from the audience right now. But when I can, I will. I highly recommend going to see it and if you want to have a good frolicking time, get a seat in the front row. Hehehehe... Oh, and DON'T hang around the aisles. There were a few times I had to dive into the chairs with my camera. All in all, I had a great time. Break a leg Seussical!

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Cream of Carrot Soup

The other day I bought a bag of carrots at the grocery store and I decided to see if there was a cream of carrot soup I could try making. After some searching on the internet, I found a rather simple recipe for it that I liked and after trying it last night, I give it my hearty approval. As I've had requests for the recipe on Facebook, I'm posting the recipe here for any interested parties.


3 lbs. carrots, peeled
1 (48 oz.) can chicken broth
1/4 lb. butter
2 onions, finely chopped
1 tbsp. thyme
SaltWhite pepper
Nutmeg to taste
1 c. half & half cream

Cook carrots in broth until very tender. Remove from broth and cool. Puree carrots in food processor or blender. Saute onions in butter until soft and translucent. Combine broth, puree carrots, and onions. Add thyme, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Reheat soup. Mix some soup into 1 cup half & half cream then pout into pan of soup.