Walking the Sea

Walking the Sea: June 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Listen and Love One Another

It’s been a while since I posted. I often think of different topics but then get too busy to actually post. Two weeks ago I started a new job and am on that classic uphill climb more commonly known as the “learning curve”. I now know more than I ever thought I would about tattooing, body piercing, and beauty salons than I ever thought I would. And yes, it has rather “rubbed off” on me. Opportunities to enjoy life has been plentiful- as they always are- you just have to look for them,

Last Friday I was hanging out with my friend, Jaye, who calls herself, “that bald, tattooed chick”. She’s transgendered and an interesting person to talk with. Our mutual friend, Cheryl, told her about the Bible reading marathon at the Capital Building and we decided to go and participate. Shortly after arriving and signing up for our fifteen minutes each of reading, a young man came over and introduced himself, asking who we were and what church we attended. Jaye and I told him about Freedom Friends Church, how we accept all kinds of people, and a little about ourselves. I could hear them continuing the conversation as I read Psalm 92-102, my voice echoing out through the sound system over the capital grounds. When Jaye and I switched, I took her place and the guy and I discussed how you talk with an alcoholic in the community and various theological points. Soon, Jaye joined back up with us and it was plain we disagreed on our views of God and our view of the church and what it should be to the people who make it up.

I would have liked to drop the idea of the feminine Divine and my being Jewish as well, but the opportunity never presented itself. Still, it would have been fun to see his eyes roll back in his head. However, it wasn’t needed. He soon looked Jaye and I straight in the eyes and told us point blank that Christ was not in us, that we were not Christians, and that we didn’t know God. I sat there absolutely stunned, I didn’t even hear the next several things he said. My mind was stuck on the judgment he had so easily cast on us. I couldn’t believe had just told me I didn’t know God. At the time, I thought it incredibally amusing, hilarious even. Now, days later, I still think it hilarious, but I also feel deeply sorry for him that he is so caught up in such a judgmental view of God, and hurt that he would wound others so easily in the name of God.

The next night I was attending my favorite live radio show, LiveWire!. One of their guests was a man named Dan, the director of the new movie, “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers”. It was a fantastic interview you’ll be able to listen to on LiveWire’s website next week. One of my favorite things that he said was, “It is easier to say you’re right and the other is wrong, than it is to really listen.”
How much better would it be if we really listened to each other about our different beliefs? I think it would be wonderful to show that respect and to share the love of God though we may see it in different lights.