Saturday, September 4, 2010

A New Look

Yes, this is the same blog, but with a new look.  I've had the old design since I began this blog and I have been thinking about trying a new one out for some time now.  You would think that someone who has traveled to the other side of the world wouldn't be so nervous about changing a virtual design format but I am.  I liked the old colors and how it split up the posts better but it's time to make it more interesting.  You'll probably see me changing pieces of it here and there until I've settled into something I really like.  This picture, I believe, is taken in England on the Cliffs of Dover, a place I have actually been.  It was beautiful.  I chose green as the background to symbolized nourishment and growth, things I pray my life are marked by.  

I would appreciate your feedback as I change things around.  Is it readable? Is it easy on the eyes?  Do you like looking at it?  Does it suite me and the content of the blog?  Thanks!

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